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Jarmafali 066 - Mauricio

$ 38.00

Deep in the Atlantic Ocean is the island of Jarmafali. The creatures who inhabit the island live a rich life full of dancing, friends and the freshest berries. Depending on which berries a native of Jarmafali eats, their colors or shapes may vary.

This is Mauricio and he was born one chilly November morning. His favorite number is 4 and he’ll only eat blue foods like corn chips, your fancy tropical fish and bingo coins. He measures about 8 inches tall, not including his hat. His hat is stitched on for safe-keeping.

Each of my dolls are made personally by our studio, one stitch at a time. They are original designs and patterned by me. My work is heirloom quality and made to last. If you like this doll, don't hesitate to snatch him up because this one-of-a-kind doll will not be duplicated or made again.

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