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Fantasia Sunflower

4th of july garden gardening happy holidays holiday gift exchange independence day oregano sunflower thyme tomatoes weekend

Today was the perfect day for finishing up what felt like a million tiny things. It was exciting to mail out my gift for the Handmade Gift Exchange and the anticipation of having it be received is making me anxious. Nothing like waiting until the very last minute to get it shipped. I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone sent and received too! Mostly, I hope it's loved.

After that, took some time in the garden. Sure, it needs to be weeded and the tomatoes need to be guided through the cages a bit, but when you step back and realize it's all you and your work that made such beautiful things flourish, it's pretty rewarding. This week will be perfect for drying some thyme and oregano.
I hope you have a lovely Independence Day weekend. I'm looking forward to friends/family, watermelon, fireflies and fireworks. What are you looking forward to?

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