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Mountain Man

animal tracks art artists how'm i doin' inspiration love mixed mountain man music video

I fell instantly in love with Mountain Man's Song "How'm I Doin'" a few days ago while listening to this mix. Today, I found their site and the video above. I hope you fall too.

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Beautiful Day!

adorable alex baby birthday children family flowers love nephew run shadow spring toddler walk

I found these on my morning walk today. They were so tiny, but a sure confirmation that Spring is here. A day early, but I'm noticing things popping up all over. When you look at the trees, there is actual color in their silhouettes. I love this time of year.
Today is also my birthday. I started it all off with a sweet morning walk with my 17 month-old nephew and we had some serious fun. He's at...

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cat fiber lola love lucy pet quasi sitting toys yarn

I've been cat-sitting for a week now. Lucy is so sweet and Quasi & Lola have been so patient with her. I forget how calming having a cat around is. She is a complete yarnoholic and when she's home, they have to hide the yarn from her. She has an entire basket of toys, but will find anything fibrous unless it is locked away. So far, so good here.

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My Parents Were Awesome

dad love mom's my parents were awesome

My Parents Were Awesome invites you to share photos of your parents before they were parents. How did they look?

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Feelin' drifty

beautiful cuddling favorite feelin' drifty good things inspiration landscape love snow storm to do tree

We knew it was going to happen. This morning, we woke to 24 inches of beautiful snow. I love snow because it makes me feel like a child. I enjoy the silent hush that befalls the landscape and the way my dogs play in it - they are jubilant!  Snow always makes me want to bake and hold my family dear. The cuddling factor alone is truly worth it.
Have you had snow yet this year? Did you love it? What...

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