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yesterdaydream — nest

Springing Ahead!

beautiful eggs gardens inspiration nest new in the shop robins seedlings spring toys

I can't help but to be excited about Spring being here. My seedlings are inches high, my gardens are in the process of being cleaned up and I even noticed my little robin coming home to check out her empty nest. I posted some photos of her beautiful blue eggs last year. Inspired by her and also by having the honor of watching her tiny fledglings take off each year, I've created a small nest with...

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babies birds garden mama nature nest robins yard

It's been some time since my last post and I have a few updated photos to share with you. Aren't they cute? One day soon, they're going to look just like their Mama. All four of them are growing fast and starting to resemble robins.

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Then There Were Four

birds blue garden nature nest pretty robins

I checked the nest in my yard again and there are now four eggs. What a lovely surprise.

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They're back!

birds blue eggs garden natural nest robins

This is the second year my birds have come back to the same nest! I took photos of them last year and peeked last week but the nest was empty. Two days ago, I saw a bird hanging out near the same tree. I looked today and there are three pretty eggs in there!

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