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yesterdaydream — one-of-a-kind

Introducing Willa

art creature doll etsy handmade introducing new in the shop one-of-a-kind willa

Willa will be in the shop soon. She likes to dance and is looking forward to many adventures! Find out her details here.

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New In The Shop

art doll faerie folk handmade new in the shop one-of-a-kind ooak waldorf walter

He needs a friend.

Walter is eco-friendly, hand knit from fine wool, stuffed with fleece and cotton, patched with a reclaimed cotton sweater, looks lovingly at you with his safety eyes and he has a cotton hand stitched soul.

He loves to cuddle and his button jointed arms help him hug back. Walter sits or stands and keeps warm with a hand knit cabled Mushishi ogre hat.

Walter is 12 inches from...

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