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yesterdaydream — Mothers

Vintage Marguerite

bedspread blanket book crochet grandmother great inspiration marguerite mom Mothers pattern pdf priscilla story vintage

So, my lovely mother showed me the most beautiful hand crocheted bedspread made by my great grandmother who passed when I was a young girl. It is so detailed and weighs a ton. To imagine the time this piece took is simply daunting to me.

I looked for it on ravelryand learned the vintage pattern's name is Marguerite and although there are some people charging on other sites, I was able to find a pdf...

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Undressing My Mother

art Babelgum brother Documentaries Film inspiration ken wardrop Mothers movie My real short Undressing undressing my mother

Undressing My Mother - My brother sent this to me this morning. It's so lovely and stirring he said. He's right.

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