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doll etsy handmade jarmafali monster new in the shop ooak shop toy wool

Deep in the Atlantic Ocean is the island of Jarmafali. The creatures who inhabit the island live a rich life full of dancing, friends and the freshest berries. Depending on which berries a native of Jarmafali eats, their colors or shapes may vary. 

These measure between 6-8 inches and they're perfect for little hands to carry, hold and play with. There are some currently in the shop.

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Splink is a Cyclops

art doll baby children creature custom orders doll french press knits fun handmade knitted new in the shop ooak splink

Splink is new in the shop this week. He was so much fun to create and he is ready to ship now.

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New In The Shop

art doll folk handmade new in the shop ooak toby waldorf

I'm so excited to announce another handmade folk art doll! His name is Toby and as I said earlier, he is a bit shy. Have a look at him here because he's looking for a fun home.

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New In The Shop

art doll faerie folk handmade new in the shop one-of-a-kind ooak waldorf walter

He needs a friend.

Walter is eco-friendly, hand knit from fine wool, stuffed with fleece and cotton, patched with a reclaimed cotton sweater, looks lovingly at you with his safety eyes and he has a cotton hand stitched soul.

He loves to cuddle and his button jointed arms help him hug back. Walter sits or stands and keeps warm with a hand knit cabled Mushishi ogre hat.

Walter is 12 inches from...

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