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yesterdaydream — sculpture

No Place To Fall

clay craft fair fall fibrous inspiration knitting listen mixed music scattered sculpture shows

Lately, I've been so busy with the shop and the recent shows. No matter how hard I've tried to switch gears and focus more on the clay and sculptures, there is some drying time with that and I find myself diving back into my vast collection of fibrous materials. In the end, I'm trying to push away the scattered feeling and to help do that, I've been listening to thisand maybe you'll enjoy it too.

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Meredith Dittmar

artist December fiberglass incredible Meredith Dittmar Mexico City polymer Portland resin sculpture upper playground

Meredith Dittmar is a 35 year-old Portland based artist who does incredible polymer clay/resin/fiberglass sculptures and has a solo show opening December 9th in Mexico City at Upper Playground.

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alfalfalovesme bunny change darla jackson etsy handmade jenny lee fowler kailo chic leafy lovelies natural purse retro sculpture silhouette

 Here are a few things I've been inspired by recently:
  • Jenny Lee Fowler will blow you away in this computer art age. I really do appreciate work not traced or photoshopped. Her creations are truly unique and beautiful.
  • Kailo Chic's purses make me happy just looking at them. The fabrics are bright and bubbly.
  • Darla Jackson from Alfalfalovesmehas a special way of...

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