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Fall Colors

baking colorful colors fall family leafy leaves nostalgia season smells winter

We've been having some really beautiful days here in New Jersey. The chilly weather came on pretty quickly this year and everyone is saying how cold and crazy this upcoming Winter will be already. Personally, I'm looking forward to snow and having my little house filled with the smells of holiday baking and the sounds of music brought in by family who is mostly so far away. Sure I like birds...

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Happy it's Fall

a day like any other fall leafy random season

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So much to do...

busy christmas clay custom orders exciting family formats garland happy thanksgiving holiday kiln preparations projects season shiny switching to do tree

This year Christmas seems to be steaming ahead of my ability to keep up.

I've had so many custom orders that I am very thankful for, and those have kept me happily busy. I've been putting my own holiday preparations aside while I finish what seems to be an endless list of chores and such. In another week, it will all be fine and fully enjoyed and the stress of the holiday season will be expelled...

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arts awcombes belt christmas dongedyframe etsy handmade holiday independent inspiration leather lovelies ornaments placemat publiqueshop season tree

Before we all know it, the Christmas holiday is here. With a mere 23 days away, I invite you do buy handmade this holiday season. It's a fantastic way to support the independent arts.

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