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Our First Spring Show!

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We will be at the Spring Craft Show & Bake Sale in Florence, NJ. There will be many vendors showcased and we're pleased to be one of them. The show will be held April 16th between 9am and 3pm and there will be refreshments sold, egg decorating (plastic eggs & stickers) and the Easter Bunny will be making an appearance too!

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New In The Shop

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Randolph is a Piney. He enjoys strolls through the Pine Barrens. He collects moss and pine cones when no one is looking and appreciates the beauty of the woods.

He loves to cuddle and keeps warm with the handknit sweater I made custom for him from merino wool. Randolph stands at 11 inches, making him perfect for smaller hands. He is entirely handstitched from a repurposed wool, cashmere and...

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alfalfalovesme bunny change darla jackson etsy handmade jenny lee fowler kailo chic leafy lovelies natural purse retro sculpture silhouette

 Here are a few things I've been inspired by recently:
  • Jenny Lee Fowler will blow you away in this computer art age. I really do appreciate work not traced or photoshopped. Her creations are truly unique and beautiful.
  • Kailo Chic's purses make me happy just looking at them. The fabrics are bright and bubbly.
  • Darla Jackson from Alfalfalovesmehas a special way of...

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