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New In The Shop

baby children colorful french press knits kids knitted new in the shop plush slithery snake toy toys

Added today! Two new Slithery Snakes. They feature bright, contrasting colors and safety eyes. They are ready to ship and safe for children of all ages.

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art art doll blue eyes creations creature etsy french press knits handmade knitting meemer new in the shop red secrets souchy hat yellow yesterdaydream

Meet Meemer. He listens to your secrets and never speaks a word. His soft red body is so squishy and flops when tossed upon a chair. He is super special and I can't wait for him to find a great home. Hopefully, he'll find someone who loves him as much as I do. 

He was also featured last month in my Underneath it Allpost. He was the one with the purple heart carefully stitched below his hand knit...

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New In The Shop

adorable bunny critter etsy french press knits handmade new in the shop piney rabbit randolph repurposed upcycled

Randolph is a Piney. He enjoys strolls through the Pine Barrens. He collects moss and pine cones when no one is looking and appreciates the beauty of the woods.

He loves to cuddle and keeps warm with the handknit sweater I made custom for him from merino wool. Randolph stands at 11 inches, making him perfect for smaller hands. He is entirely handstitched from a repurposed wool, cashmere and...

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Goodbye Sam

board games brother catan family french press knits fun games happy holidays happy new year hat inspiration merry christmas sam shoes ticket to ride travel

I'm happy we were able to spend some much needed family time together before he had to travel north to reunite with his newest loved one. The late night board games were memorable and I'm already looking forward to my trip out west.

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Splink is a Cyclops

art doll baby children creature custom orders doll french press knits fun handmade knitted new in the shop ooak splink

Splink is new in the shop this week. He was so much fun to create and he is ready to ship now.

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