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Handmade Gift Exchange - Sunflower Brooch from Haley!

artist brooch creative garden gift haley handmade handmade gift exchange inspirationm art linda pin sunflower zen of making

My last post before this included a photo of a sunflower in my garden and then I received this lovely sunflower brooch from Haley at The Zen of Making blog! Thank you Haley for somehow reading my mind and making me such a perfect and beautiful gift. How much fun is this? I can pin it to my bag or a cardigan. Rarely, do I spend time to make things for myself. Haley's siteis quickly becoming one of...

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Fantasia Sunflower

4th of july garden gardening happy holidays holiday gift exchange independence day oregano sunflower thyme tomatoes weekend

Today was the perfect day for finishing up what felt like a million tiny things. It was exciting to mail out my gift for the Handmade Gift Exchange and the anticipation of having it be received is making me anxious. Nothing like waiting until the very last minute to get it shipped. I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone sent and received too! Mostly, I hope it's loved.

After that, took some...

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Ai Weiwei, Artist

ai weiwei art china chinese communist party destruction inspiration mr. ai raze revolution seeds shanghai studio sunflower sunflower seeds

The Chinese Government has destroyed the studio of Ai Weiwei, a protean artist who is one of the most outspoken critics of the Chinese Communist Party. Even though he said officials told him that the demolition would not take place until after the first day of the Year of the Rabbit (which falls on February 3rd) he was shocked to discover that workers had begun knocking it down today. 

Sad news....

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