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yesterdaydream — creatures

Introducing Elcee!

creature creatures doll elcee etsy friend handmade monster monsters new in the shop toy

Elcee is new and in the shop. I have several new monsters and will be listing them soon. To this little lady, her bag is everything. Inside her bag is her most valuable possession: a needle-felted pet bird with embroidered features!

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New In The Shop

colorful creatures felted george gift handmade monsters murray needle new in the shop process vitelli wool

I was inspired to make a needle felted monster for my little niece who just turned seven. She will love him so much (he's the purple guy on the right). During the process of creating him from a puff of wool, I fell in love with the technique and created a few more. Murray is the guy on the left with the three eyes and three legs. Vitelliis the blue guy and those are his records which fit into a...

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Underneath it All

art art doll cotton tubing creations creatures design dolls handmade happy new year hearts inside monster guts new in the shop process quality underneath it all

If you ever wonder what is on the inside of my dolls/creatures, besides time and love, I can assure you each of them has a hand-stitched cotton tubing inside. It takes time, but I want to make sure my creations are super durable and hold up to play and your little one's curiosity. These two new dolls even have little hearts. No one will ever see that, but it's there, lovingly sewn underneath it...

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My Most Recent Creations

art doll creatures dolls etsy fontana shop garrett inspiration lucinda most recent new in the shop pink pocket doll purple sharon

They're cousins and they were custom orders for a friends' nieces. Both Sharon (pink) and Lucinda (purple) come with their matching companion pocket dolls. I had so much fun creating each of them and trying hard to make them coordinate in some ways while giving each of them some individualized touches so they'll have some spunk too. What do you think?

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