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yesterdaydream — shoes

Esther Hörchner

artist Esther Hörchner girls humor illustrator inspiration naked naked girls tea set saucer set shoes spoon tea underwear

Esther Hörchner is an illustrator who has created a tea set with a sense of humor titled Naked Girls Tea Set. I love that the lady in the cup has left her underwear and shoes on the spoon and saucer. Wonderful stuff by Esther Hörchner who by the way is a fabulous illustrator, more of that on her website here. Imagine the conversations this set would start!

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Goodbye Sam

board games brother catan family french press knits fun games happy holidays happy new year hat inspiration merry christmas sam shoes ticket to ride travel

I'm happy we were able to spend some much needed family time together before he had to travel north to reunite with his newest loved one. The late night board games were memorable and I'm already looking forward to my trip out west.

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artists etsy glass inspiration jlwoodturning lookingglasshouse lovelies monkeysalwayslook shoes vintage wood

Some of the recent things I've fallen in love with. Maybe you will too.

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