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yesterdaydream — recycle

"Magic" Crayons

children colorful craft crayons diy family fun how-to kids magic magic crayons nephew quick recycle simple upcycle

I'm enjoying the day babysitting for my twin nieces and their older brother Alex. He and I enjoy learning new crafts together so, while his sisters napped, we made "Magic" Crayons. 

It's a quick and easy kids' craft: Take the ugly, broken crayons from your collection, remove their paper wrappers, break into smaller pieces and place inside a muffin tin. You can do each one multiple colors or solid...

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Frozen for Winter

basil burpee freezing garden gardening gardens recycle sauce seed tomatoe

wash and uncap

boil just long enough to easily remove skins

set on a plate, tops down and slide the skins off

halve and cool

Adding a sprig of fresh basil before freezing locks in a fresh flavor. I use Big Mama Plumtomatoes and usually start them as seeds myself in recycled newspaper pots I also make. They are meaty and enormous and make beautiful sauces. There are minimal seeds in this type of...

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Anastassia Eilas

anastassia eilas art artist cardboard eco impressive inspiration recycle rolls scenes toilet paper

Anastassia Eilasis making art in the least likely of places, inside of toilet paper rolls. Using paper that is similar to the roll itself, she gives the illusion that the scenes taking place inside of the rolls are actually part of the roll themselves. The detail and depth of each little piece is pretty amazing, especially considering the scale. She claims it only takes her an hour to complete...

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