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yesterdaydream — Portland

Ho-omeward Bound

beautiful california cotton shop delancey etsy homeless marge bakery megan northwest oregon Portland sam seattle space needle vacation washington

I'm currently in flight over the Rocky Mountains, on my way home. I've been in motion for over a week now, traveling to Seattle to visit my brother Sam. In addition to seeing him and seeing the sites in Seattle, we decided to take a 15+ hour drive to Oakland/San Francisco via Route 5 to meet Megan. She was the best hostess and gave me a fine tour of the entire Bay Area. Her sunny disposition is...

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Meredith Dittmar

artist December fiberglass incredible Meredith Dittmar Mexico City polymer Portland resin sculpture upper playground

Meredith Dittmar is a 35 year-old Portland based artist who does incredible polymer clay/resin/fiberglass sculptures and has a solo show opening December 9th in Mexico City at Upper Playground.

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