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Two-At-A-Time, It Ain't So Bad

2aat. knitting black market wool knit picks socks stripes superwash two-at-a-time wool

At first, I thought the yarn would be a tangled mess, I would lose track of the needle(s) or some other random excuse. The truth is that it's pretty simple to figure this all out. Maybe a tiny bit more fiddling and sorting the yarn is in order if you're using multiple skeins but it isn't so bad.

Some of my more inspiring insta-friends have been whipping socks out and there I was, afraid to let go...

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art display Mt. Holly NJ pole public stripes telephone yarnbombing

My most recent yarnbombing in Mount Holly, NJ adorns a public telephone pole. My hope is to bring some color and happiness to the local passersby. 

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