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yesterdaydream — new york

Matthew Cusick

art artist collage inspiration matthew cusick media mixed new york texas

Matthew Cusick was born in New York City in 1970 and graduated from The Cooper Union with a BFA in 1993. His work has been exhibited internationally since 1996.

Cusick lets his work be guided by his various materials: maps, atlases, encyclopedias and school textbooks. “I like to catalog, archive, and arrange information and then dismantle, manipulate, and reconfigure it. I use maps as a...

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Sebastiaan Bremer

art artist beautiful dutch inspiration new york painter photography sebastiaan bremer

Sebastiaan Bremeris a Dutch Artist who lives and works in New York. He turns found and snapped photographs of himself, friends and family into a dusty poetic braille made up of text, personal symbols and ghostly shapes that, when integrated with their complex grounds, disappear again, buried in a sea of suspended dots. By slowly and laboriously painting on top of quickly taken snapshots, Bremer...

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No Longer Empty

art artist beautiful governor's island inspiration installation new york no longer empty nyc

With so many yellow wood frame houses that were used as military housing, churches, a fort and even a castle from a time so long ago,  Governor's island is currently home to installations by over a dozen artists inside the houses of Colonel Row. No Longer Empty is participating in the Governor's Island Summer Festival and is open Fridays thru Sunday's until October 10th.
Visitors feel this sense...

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Porter Hovey

art artist blog bronx exciting inspiration interesting new york nyc photography polaroid porter hovey stained glass travel trunks williamsburg

Port Hovey's Polaroid Blog is full of exciting and interesting Polaroids from all over the world. You should really take a look here.

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