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adorable cactus ceramic desrt felted felting fiber flora flowers gift natural needle felting new in the shop seedling seedlings sprout wool

I'm making a few more of these in different styles, but these are my first and I couldn't wait to show you! If you'd like a better look, please check them out here: and here: - they're pretty adorable!

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Morning Blackberries

berries blackberries blackberry breakfast delicious fresh garden gardening gardens good morning natural organic rewarding ripe

Good morning! My blackberries have been taking their sweet time this summer and they're finally beginning to ripen. It's great to be able to walk out back and grab a few fresh berries to enjoy with my breakfast. What is difficult to show you here with this photo is their size; each berry is approximately 2 inches across! 

Do you have a great recipe including blackberries?

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They're back!

birds blue eggs garden natural nest robins

This is the second year my birds have come back to the same nest! I took photos of them last year and peeked last week but the nest was empty. Two days ago, I saw a bird hanging out near the same tree. I looked today and there are three pretty eggs in there!

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Lettuce Babies & New Yarn!

baby lettuce natural organic ravelry seven wool yaks yarn

Well, my lettuce is growing steadily, but the weather outside doesn't seem to be cooperating very well. We received almost another foot of snow since yesterday. Spring is only 22 days away!

I will have plenty to keep me busy in this winter wonderland because yesterday, I received 2 beautiful skeins of natural white pure wool yarn from SevenYaks. I'm going to look on Ravelryfor a few ideas and wind...

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alfalfalovesme bunny change darla jackson etsy handmade jenny lee fowler kailo chic leafy lovelies natural purse retro sculpture silhouette

 Here are a few things I've been inspired by recently:
  • Jenny Lee Fowler will blow you away in this computer art age. I really do appreciate work not traced or photoshopped. Her creations are truly unique and beautiful.
  • Kailo Chic's purses make me happy just looking at them. The fabrics are bright and bubbly.
  • Darla Jackson from Alfalfalovesmehas a special way of...

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