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Damien Jurado

artist damien jurado homemade inspiration Maarten Besseling Matthijs van der Ven music netherlands photographs the canal sessions utrecht video

There is a site aptly named The Canal Sessions and it is a project by producer Maarten Besseling and music journalist Matthijs van der Ven who both live in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Their most recent offering includes of one of my favorite musicians, Damien Jurado.

Damien was an artist before he was ever a musician and didn't learn to play guitar until he was 20 when he began by making homemade tapes using found sound and field recording techniques. His music is both heartbreakingly beautiful, captivating and has a quality unlike any music, making it feel as tho it's always been there. The stories they tell are personal and vivid.

The Canal Sessions features three videos in all and includes many photographs of the session. Please have a look at the entire performance here.

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