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I've been in a creative spurt lately and wanted to share some of these carefully chosen pieces with you:
  • When I found maidofclay's shop, I felt comfortably at home, perusing each of her items. Each piece is carefully crafted and has so much whimsy & character. If you're looking for an original gift for yourself or someone you hold dear, you should truly take a look at her porcelain pendants and other handcrafted originals.
  • Magic lanterns with slides that date from the late 1800s to early 1900s fill this shop. Each lantern is handmade and contains the fire of a simple candle to bring the 35mm glass slides to life. They have a vintage quality and make a fantastic conversation piece. To see more of these, please check out the ghosthaus shop.
  • Each year, I chose a different way to mark the herbs in my garden. One year I used stones, one year wood, etc. This year, I'm leaning toward these reclaimed pieces of vintage silverware I found in the shop of monkeysalwayslook. I love the tarnish and colors & to imagine the way they'd pop in the garden makes me very excited too.

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