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"Magic" Crayons

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I'm enjoying the day babysitting for my twin nieces and their older brother Alex. He and I enjoy learning new crafts together so, while his sisters napped, we made "Magic" Crayons. 

It's a quick and easy kids' craft: Take the ugly, broken crayons from your collection, remove their paper wrappers, break into smaller pieces and place inside a muffin tin. You can do each one multiple colors or solid colors. Bake in a preheated 275°F oven for about ten minutes or until they're melted. Once cooled, they should pop out.

Alex was enjoying seeing them melt through the oven window and this is a great way to teach children how to recycle and re-use old, broken objects. 

This post was inspired by a post seen on Instagram. If you're on there say hello and please feel free to post if you've tried this craft. 

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