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The Bee Keeper's Quilt

handmade hexagons hexipuff hexipuffs knit knitting quilt the bee keeper's quilt

I've done it! I've finally started The Bee Keeper's Quilt. It's been in my queue for far too long and I was inspired by Thea at Ladybug Hill Farm. The photos from her instagram feed were wonderful. 

It consists entirely of 3 inch "hexipuffs" made from sock wool. It's pretty difficult not to quickly become addicted to these squishy hexagons. This is all I've finished so far, having just started yesterday. These make for a perfect small traveling project as they take up very little space in a purse or bag and knit up very quickly.

They are a great way to use up some of those tiny bits of wool from other projects. You know you have some of those pretty little scraps wound up in your stash, come on. This quilt is going to take some time and I'm looking forward to creating some custom hexipuffs to make my quilt very personal. 

Have you worked on this project? How far have you gotten? Are you in hexilove? I am!

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