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By yesterdaydream on 2012-06-08

I've been doing some gardening!

To the left is sunflowers, soon-to-be 15' tall with some shorter ones mixed in to cover the taller stems and look full. Behind that is my cucumber teepee. It's shorter, but I chose bushing pickle-sized because I'm planning to learn how to make my own pickles. My brother gave me a copy of Liana Krissoff's CANNING for a New Generation and there are so many pickle recipes to try out. I'm probably leaning towards her Quicker Kosher Dills recipe for my first try.

The seedless grapes are on the far wall hanging on an upcycled trellis (made from an old glass door) and in front of that are several varieties of tomatoes, Thai basil, Greek oregano, English thyme, dill (for the pickling), parsley, lettuce, swiss chard, and sweet peppers. To the right is the raspberries and a "supersonic" tomato. The last "supersonic" I had a few years ago kept fruiting until October!

It's a small garden, but it feeds us all summer with enough to load up other family members too! There are no chemicals and it's mulched with grass clippings to keep it moist and keep the weeds out.

Do you garden? I've also been collecting so many gardening tips and ideas on Pinterest if you're on there.

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