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Good Old Things

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What is Spring good for?

I would have to say getting out to explore the simple things around me. In this case, I've had my eye on an abandoned house close by. It sits on private property so I don't want to share the exact name or location to assure it will remain free of vandals. 

I can't help but imagine the families who lived here and wonder why this old beauty was left to decay and have birds roost in the upper levels. When something interests me, I need to learn more about it and I did find out this farm was established in the 1870's by a wealthy tobacco manufacturer. The stables here were one of the dominant racing stables in the 1920's, bringing victories in both the Kentucky Derby and three Belmont Stakes. Today, the farmland around this structure is a self-sufficient stock farm, producing its own grain and supplying other farms as well. It is owned by a wealthy family who chooses to remain private and limit visitors. 

What are your thoughts? Have you been out exploring too?

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